You have spent years learning what you know.
There is an audience out there hungry for YOUR wisdom!

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    YOU are the expert.

    Think about all the years you've invested in learning what you know. All the time you've invested in developing your own "secret sauce" to solving problems. People won't know what you know until you tell them and there's no better way than giving them your book. I will work with you on positioning your expertise with strength and clarity.

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    YOU want attention.

    Marketing your expertise is all about grabbing attention. It all starts with attention. Giving your prospects and clients your own published book grabs attention fast. Also, if you're looking for your own A-Team to support your operations, nothing beats having a book. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner! Through this program, you'll discover how to create the type of lead-generation book that will get results.

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    YOU want media coverage.

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    YOU want to attract those who are looking for your expertise.

    Where do people go when they're trying to find an expert who knows their stuff? Amazon. They're searching for those who have credibility. A great book attracts your perfect buyer and lets people know exactly who you are. It shows how you can help. It's the best marketing tool for not just building your brand, but actually attracting potential buyers and clients.

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    YOU want people talking about you.

Here's What You'll Get!

We'll define the 3 “Whys” of writing a book. Also, discover the three types of a lead generation book and choose the best one for your project.

We'll create the "bones" of your book. You'll work on the foundation of your book, including mapping out the chapters.

Create the Table of Contents. Tips on how to engage a reader (and look really, really interesting on Amazon’s sneak peek “LOOK INSIDE” feature).

The "Extra Stuff" (That's Still Important). You'll discover how to create an authoritative Author Bio and Calls to Action.

Titles! Your book title can either make or break your book. We’ll cover the traits of a good title and help you create them for your own book.

Publishing Your Book. 

You'll discover how to turn your manuscript into book form and get formatting and design, so your book looks great.

Your Guide:
Mary Rose "Wildfire" Maguire

Author, Speaker, and Founder of Star Maker Marketing

Mary Rose is the Founder of Star Maker Marketing (formerly Maguire Copywriting) and CMO of Mickey Maguire Photo.  Author of the book, The Maverick Advisor: The New Rules of Marketing for Financial Advisors and Consultants - Get Great Clients, More Respect, and the Fees You Deserve.  Star Maker Marketing offers business owners and thought leaders the opportunity to share their expertise with ghostwriting services and book promotion marketing strategies through multiple channels.


Dan Cuprill, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner, Author, Founder of Advisor Architect

In short, Mary Rose "gets it."

She’s mastered not only the principles of writing quality copy, but she’s a skilled direct marketer and strategist who can save you from yourself.  I consider her an essential component to my company’s success.

Steve Hoover

President, Wealth Partners Corporation

Mary Rose made it easy...

Mary Rose was able to take technical concepts and help me put them into words and phrases that made it easy for my readers to understand.  She was also able to organize each chapter so that the book could be used as a guide, which is how I envisioned the book.  Lastly, she was very patient and very easy to work with. 

Sam Badgley, Wealth Coach

Founder and President, Sam Badgley Inc.

Mary Rose makes the process simple and not intimidating...

Ron Lykins, CPA

Owner, Ron Lykins CPAs

She makes us look good!

We’ve used Mary Rose’s services for several projects and have been very pleased with the results. 


As a value-added service, Mary Rose has answered many “on the fly” questions regarding publishing policies unique to our industry. She listens well, offers great ideas while staying true to our preferences, and delivers the project within the timeframe we need. Plus, she’s very easy to work with and quickly responds to our questions and revision requests. She makes us look good!

Aimee Kunau

Copywriter, Rainmaker, Author, Screenwriter

Mary Rose is like a creative double whammy...

... persuasive, intelligent, sales-centric copy paired with outstanding graphic design. She can design and write your campaign, recommend which utility to use, and show you measurable results as only she can.

I highly recommend Mary Rose as a superlative marketer to fast-growing businesses that recognize the need for an expert to help them get to the next level – without stress, headaches, or any guesswork. 

Is this Program Right for You?


  • You are a CEO, President, Founder, Entrepreneur, Speaker, or Thought Leader who wants to get your message out to a wider audience

  • You understand the importance of compounded effort and are willing to invest your time, talent, and treasure to achieve your goals

  • You want the quickest process possible to write and publish a lead generation book

  • You understand Seth Godin's philosophy when it comes to "shipping" it (click here)

  • You would absolutely love to get rid of your "head trash" that has been holding you back from achieving your goals


  • You don't have a strong message/system/process (yet) for your market

  • You have a tendency to start a lot of projects but never finish them

  • You have thought about a book, but don't see how it will help you and your business

  • You are a perfectionist

  • You may not have realized (yet) that to create anything worthwhile is a war and you're either unsure or unwilling to enter the battle

BOOK It! Bonuses

I always find ways to over-deliver on my projects and BOOK It! is no exception. During the time we spend together, I'll  offer my marketing expertise every step of the way... PLUS adding any extra resources that will help you achieve your business goals. I like to surprise my clients, so expect some fun along the way!


Some common questions and answers. If you have a question and it's not listed here,
please reach out to me through my website's Contact Page.

Do you ghostwrite the book for me?

Do I have to use Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing to publish my book?

How will I find time to write a book?

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